Here we post regular updates on the development progress of the game. If we develop something new and exciting, expect to see it here!

July 10, 2017: Working a little bit

No, Draxel is not finished, so development is still largely ceased, but we took a look at Bigcityville today, did a liiiiittle work on it, and added something new: Modifiers!

A modifier to a weapon will make changes to its stats! There are 9 modifiers currently, and more may be added in the future.

June 8, 2017: Unexpected events

We were shocked this morning when we received the email that our previous game, Draxel, had been successfully Greenlit on the Steam Store after being there for about 15 months. None of us thought that this would happen! And because of that, we will be postponing work on Bigcityville until further notice while we work on Draxel. Want to check out the game? Click here!

June 7, 2017: New buildings

As you can see, the city is starting to take shape! We've replaced the three temporary test buildings and are now beginning to construct the actual buildings. However, many won't be accessible until a later update. Check it out!

June 5, 2017: Version Pre-Alpha 1.2 complete

Pre-Alpha 1.2 has been finished! Buy items from the new shop (by items we mean 4 out of the 6 that are even available in the game :P), and assault people with your new saxophone. Next we will work on Pre-Alpha 1.3, which will mainly include the addition of police! You can find some more information about this update on the Updates tab (makes sense). Screenshots will be posted as we begin working on the new update!

June 4, 2017: Saxophone weapon

Things are getting pretty serious here...

June 2, 2017: New website!

We've got a new website now! Here you can find all the information you need about Bigcityville. Lately, we've been working on Pre-Alpha 1.2, and thing's have gone pretty smoothly. Expect to see many new things, like shopping, a homeless man that actually works, and some much-needed graphic improvements to the GUI. More information is coming soon! Also while you wait, take a quick look at the new shop interface! Although the shop clerk's math seems to be a little off...